TESOL Professional Teachers Global

    About Us
    TESOL PRO (TESOL Professional Teachers Global) is an independent, international
    TESOL and ESL training and certification organization. We have rich experience in training and
    certification services for educators working in the language training field and professional ESL/ESOL
    courses for learners worldwide. We also provide enhancement services to membership and promote
    quality standards.
    We provide a wide range of high-quality online courses for you to choose from. The 130-hour TESOL
    Certification Package includes three phases of our online courses. Besides TESOL course, we also
    offer professional ESL/ESOL courses for individuals who want to upgrade their English proficiency.
    Regarding our certification service for education providers, our international certificates represent
    education providers' commitment to delivering quality, which are aligned with the global standards.
    It guarantees the education providers that their TESOL qualifications will have increased acceptability
    around the world. And the international certification that a TESOL course provider is approved by
    TESOL PRO gives a competitive edge over the world.
    Our mission is to establish an engaging learning community that provides professional development
    in English education field.
    About TESOL
    If you have an interest in teaching English to people from other countries, you should have likely
    come across the term TESOL. This term stands for  Teaching English to Speakers of Other
    Thousands of teachers around the world have found this an invaluable certificate-level qualification.
    Having a TESOL certificate means that a teacher has the skills to teach English to speakers of other
    languages in the world. It provides a solid basis for teachers and for developing personal expertise
    in a diverse range of English teaching situations.
    The importance of TESOL is more apparent than ever in our increasingly global and diverse world.