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    Qualification Statement

The English language is widely spoken throughout the world, making English teachers highly demanded in many places. Against this background, a number of TESOL courses and certifications appear worldwide. The certification will help you gain understandings on how to learn as well as how to teach English.

Basically, 120-hour training adheres to the minimum requirement for TESOL certifications. Before choosing a proper TESOL training course, candidates should also check the authority of the course provider.

As TESOL PRO has already been fully accredited by ITEFLAC, we are qualified as a reliable course provider as well as course authenticator. Since 2019, we have established a former relationship with an online English educational institution.

After the long-term accreditation moderation, the course “Award in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL) in a Chinese Context (120 Hours)” provided by the cooperative institution is assessed to adhere to the generally accepted international standards of quality and is certified by TESOL PRO.

The qualification will give Chinese candidates the knowledge, skills and understanding to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. Besides, candidates will be qualified to teach ESL in a variety of ways around the world. They can create a career out of teaching English thanks to several TESOL schools offering job-placement assistance and maintaining a program and school network across several regions of the world.

Certificate verification entrance: https://certificate.tesolteachers.org

If you have a paper or certificate with an tesolteachers.org QR code then you can verify it simply by scanning the code with a mobile-phone QR app. The verification page will include details of the corresponding record from the awarding organization.