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What are the benefits of TESOL PRO certification?

Please check our The Benefit of TESOL PRO Certification page.

What are the institutional requirements for certification?

TESOL PRO certification is open to both online and face-to-face TESOL course providers and

institutions internationally. For details, we need to communicate directly and please email us.

What is the process of certification?

For ESL/ESOL learners and TESOL learners:

You can gain your certificate once you have completed our courses and pass the course


For education providers:

The process of certification includes four steps, they are registration, material preparation,

application review against our criteria of certification, then we will write to you with details of

your certification, including the next step.

The certification process varies case by case. Please contact us for more information.

How long does the certification process take for education providers?

The time it takes a certification depends on local circumstances such as program structure,

available documentation, state context, and the institution’s commitment to the process.

Once all application materials are accepted for review, the process to the certification decision

takes 10 to 12 months. Please note, the whole program should submit at least 6 months prior

for initial application.

How much does the training and certification cost?

For individual learners:

ESL/ESOL courses: $578

TESOL courses: $693

For Education provider's:

$300 for initial review. If you pass the initial review, then we will reply with a note of our fees

structure and other useful information.

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