TESOL Professional Teachers Global

Training and Certification

Here in TESOL PRO, we provide trainings include:

1.TESOL Online

We provide training for a 130 hours TESOL online course:

50 hours for Initial Training

40 hours for Young Learners

40 hours for Lesson Planning and Assessment

2.ESL/ESOL course covering different length, level, and international standards such as CCSS and CEFR.

3.Tailor-made TESOL and ESL/ESOL courses and certifications for education providers.

How to get a TESOL certification?

As there are a variety of online TESOL courses available, it is important that you choose the high-quality one to suit your demand. Our 130-hour online TESOL certification course has been designed to prepare candidates for teaching English online, including online classroom management, assessment strategies, and a wide range of English grammar subjects. As long as you have access to the internet, you can complete the course at any pace you choose. Of all the TESOL course providers available, TESOL PRO is one of the few who absolutely meets all you need.

Benefits of TESOL certification

Completing a TESOL certification online has many advantages, including:

As the course are conducted entirely via distance learning, the overall TESOL certification cost is considerably less than an in-class course.

Online course can be taken from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, at any pace you choose.

All online courses come with the option of an online tutor to provide help and guidance through the training.

Our standard TESOL online course comes in a 130-hour version, and we also offer customized training and support for you and your staff if you are an education provider.